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Tips for choosing better dietary supplements

Always know what you are purchasing. Always read the labels before you buy or use any dietary supplements. FDA requires that the manufactures list the following information on the Supplement Label:

  1. Supplements Facts: The heading for the required information.
  2. Serving size: The amount of supplements that should be consumed for best results. A serving size is usually measured in one of these two ways:
    • by the amount of each dietary ingredient in each serving - either by a percent of a daily value:
      Example: A percent of FDA-recommended daily intake, from all food sources, of vitamin C in each tablet of a multivitamin,
    • by the weight of supplements contained in each serving
      Example: 50 milligrams standardized ginseng extract.
  3. Other ingredients (fillers).
  4. Statement of identity (for example, Gingko Biloba).
  5. Name and place of business of the manufacturer, packer, or distributor.

Additional information (may be included in label):

  1. Warnings and Cautions: who should not take the product, or who should be careful when taking the supplement.
    Example: pregnant women
  2. Interactions and side effects: Any possible reaction that the supplement may cause in combination with other prescription and OTC medicines, as well as food or other dietary supplements.
  3. Expiration date: If necessary, the date after which the product should be no longer used.

Nutrilligence proudly recommends supplements from the following manufacturers:

  1. Metagenics
  2. Standard Process
  3. Karuna
  4. Tyler
  5. NutriHarmony
  6. New Spirit Naturals Inc.
  7. Natura
  8. Nature’s Way

We at Nutrilligence, rely on the quality and effectiveness of products the above companies produce because they:

  1. Produce Science Based Supplements
  2. Use pure and safe ingredients
  3. Use advanced tableting technology
  4. Verify products by frequent testing

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