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Our Favorite Vitamins

  Vitamin Best Source Function

A (fat soluble) Dark green and deep orange vegetable and fruit, eggs, and liver. Growth and repair of mucous membranes, bone & tooth formation, helps night vision, and immunity.
B-1 ! Wheat germ, whole grains, dried beans, yeast, liver, and nuts. Nerve function, muscle tone, and carbohydrates metabolism
B-2* ! Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, beans, nuts, and yeast. Immunity, regulates metabolism, brain function, and it helps B-6.
B-6 ! Whole grains, wheat germ, beans, yeast, molasses, and fish. Brain function, prevents PMS, carpet tunnel syndrome, and it reduces cholesterol.
B-12 Eggs, dairy, meat, fortified nutritional yeast, and homemade tempeh. Increases mental agility, coordination, nerve function, red blood cell formation, and energy metabolism.
Biotin Dark green vegetables, egg yolks, healthy intestinal bacteria, and whole grains. Protein fat & carbohydrate metabolism, and it helps other B vitamins.
Folic Acid Leafy vegetables, nutritional yeast, dried beans, and whole grains. Red blood cell formation, protein metabolism, growth, and nerve function.
Niacin Beans, whole grains, nuts, eggs, and fish. Protein, carbohydrate & fat metabolism, and blood circulation.
Pantothenic acid Whole grains, legumes, and meats. Energy, vitamin, carbohydrate and fat metabolism.
C ! Citrus fruit, fresh fruit and vegetables. Immunity, heals wounds, collagen formation, and antioxidant.
D (fat soluble) Sunshine on skin oils (no sunscreen) - 15 min 3 X per week. Bone and tooth formation, and calcium metabolism.
E* (fat soluble) Wheat germ, vegetables oils (unrefined), dark leafy green vegetables, whole grains, sweet potatoes, and almonds. Antioxidant, maintains cell membranes and nerves, red blood cell formation, hormones, and protects the vitamin A.
K Green leafy vegetables, whole grains, fruit, healthy intestinal bacteria, soybeans, and alfalfa sprouts. Blood clot formation.
Lecithin Whole grain, unrefined oils, eggs, and liver. Cholesterol metabolism, brain and nerve function, and liver function.

* Light Sensitive
! Fresh is best; these can be destroyed by cooking

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