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Ordering Healthier Meals in Restaurants

  1. Before entering the restaurant, think about what you would like to eat.
  2. Order balanced meals with essential “Macronutrients”:
    • (Protein 60-80 grams lean meats, fish/shellfish or preferably legumes in any form.
    • Fat’s and oils usually found in salmon, trout, anchovies, halibut, avocados.
    • Carbohydrates- try to choose non-starchy vegetables and less sweet fruits to help stabilize blood sugar. Order brown rice, barley, millet, wild rice, quinoa, or even whole sweet potato. Minimize simple carbs such as pasta, bagels, cookies and scones, starchy vegetables (potatoes, corn) and processed grain (white rice).
  3. Don’t be scared to ask your waiter for a special request such as steamed green vegetables instead of sautéed vegetables in butter based sauce.
  4. Use the phrase “I am allergic” when requesting special orders (especially on a busy night). Your waiter will pay more attention while placing the order in the kitchen.
  5. Don’t be embarrassed to use your personal adaptogenic herbs. Sprinkle them over anything you eat.
  6. Ask your waiter to bring spring water, and drink it right away.
  7. If alcohol is being consumed, try to consume 1-2 small glasses of wine or 1-2 light quality beer. Alternate with water.
  8. If you can’t resist eating bread before your meal, eat it with extra virgin olive oil and wine vinegar (or even lemon juice). If available ask for whole wheat bread.
  9. At the Italian restaurants, try to eat fresh fish or skinless chicken instead of pasta. Usually they have available on the menu, consommé (clear chicken broth), which is mineral rich soup excellent in stress reduction and relaxation.
  10. Be adventurous with Japanese sushi restaurants and try to start with a miso soup and a sea vegetables salad.
  11. When ordering a salad, try to order without dressing. Dress your own salad with quality oils and vinegars (or lemon).
  12. Try to say NO to fried foods.
  13. As a side dish, try to order steam green vegetables in combination with steam root vegetables (carrots, celery root, burdock, daikon), for an additional bust of energy.
  14. Soup is always a great idea to start a meal. It warms the digestion system and prepares it for the incoming food. Choose light and long cooked soups on low heat, vegetable or animal bone based.
  15. Fruit is a great snack but it could confuse your digestive system if eaten with solid food. Before or long after the meal enjoy low glycemic fruit such as green apple, berries, cherries, kiwi, or grapefruit.
  16. Try to minimize sugar intake which makes your digestive system acidic. Acid in your system lowers your immune system.
  17. Be careful with coffee because it is acid forming food. Tea or green tea is always a good finish to the meal.
  18. If your server was extra helpful don’t forget to tip them well. You never know when you going to need their extra services again. Consider it as a business and health investment. Believe me, they remember good tippers!

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