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My health improved since I took advices from my nutritionist Nino. Im looking forward to following his advice in the future.
  Lorenzo Petroni, 66
Restaurant and winery owner
I was lucky to find Nino because he knew about the value of good and simple foods and he showed us how to easily prepare them.
  Alane B. Larsen, 84
Retired teacher
In working with Nino, I learned about a nutritional and dietary help for my liver problem. I actually noticed the difference because I have less and less hives on my face. Thank you Nino, and I will keep up my healthy diet!
  Grace Goce, 34
Massage Therapist
Since I have been working with Nino I become a lot healthier and happier person. More well adjusted, less depressed and less manic. I have been feeling great! I am eating more whole foods, more green leafy vegetables and I lost 18 pounds. I owe it all to Nino.
  James Foy, 60
Taxi driver
I have been working with Nino on my food intake and he made me realize the power of green leafy vegetables, supplements, Milk Thistle and many other helpful foods for my liver condition. Since Ive been using and eating those foods and supplements I have been feeling better. Thank you Nino!
  Damon Jenkins, 47
Retired, horticulturist

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