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Apple Life - Our Founder's Story

OK, my name is Nino and I am 41 years old. I recently completed my schooling in nutrition at “Bauman College” in Penngrove, California and am now a Certified Nutrition Consultant!

Whenever someone asks me how best to improve their health, one word immediately comes to mind -- jabuka(literally “apple” in Croatian). You see, I was born and raised in Croatia. In Croatia, “jabuka” means Love, Health and Happiness. Jabuka has also been with me throughout my life! In fact, I think that my entire life was a jabuka and I think the rest of it will be jabuka too.

When I was a little boy, I was one of those kids with so much energy that I was almost impossible to control. I remember though, how my mother would use a traditional trick to calm me down -- she would give me and an apple before bed-time. Many times I would fall asleep with an apple in my hand, untouched. I also remember, how every Sunday my mother would make a very popular apple strudel. She would make a phenomenal “filo,” using incredibly thin dough, which she would fill with grated apples. It was, without a doubt, the best apple strudel in the neighborhood. Everybody loved my mother’s strudel, and it became a tradition for family and neighbors to come to our house on Sunday afternoons to have some of that famous strudel.

I also remember my father’s habit of having an apple just before taking an afternoon nap. Guess who would usually bring him that apple (yes, it was I!).

Later on, when I was about ten years old, my father built a weekend house in a small village next to the city where we lived. This house was located next to an organic apple farm with the best apples in the world. Every fall, my father would stock our home in the city with apples from that little farm, so we could enjoy that magical fruit throughout the long, cold winter.


I still clearly remember one of the saddest day in my entire life; it was in 1986 when I came home from school and my mother told me that my father had to go to the hospital, because of difficulties with breathing.

A week later, my father passed away from lung cancer. On the day of his funeral, I was about to eat an apple when somebody told me that we needed to go. I put the apple into my pocket to eat later, and promptly forgot about it. Later, as I stood in front of my father’s open grave, I watched people throw flowers as a sign of respect. Suddenly, I remembered the apple in my pocket and I threw it into the grave. Jabuka was a perfect tribute to my father.

Three years later, when my mother passed away, I again brought jabuka with me to the funeral.

Now, whenever I visit my parents’ grave site, I bring with me a small, red apple. Whenever I get homesick, or miss my parents or my family back home, jabuka helps me get through those sad moments with a smile. For me, jabuka is much more than a beautiful, tasty fruit. It is truly Love, Health and Happiness. It is Family and a way of Life….. it is Me. That’s why jabuka is one of my favorite recommendations to those who want to improve their overall health and lifestyle. Have jabuka daily and feel its healing power.

Yours truly,

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