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The focus on the patient is exemplified by Metagenics' tagline, "genetic potential through nutrition." This means that Metagenics products are designed to help you achieve your full genetic potential for health. Thousands of healthcare professionals trust the Metagenics name and rely on the quality and effectiveness of their products. For example, even a high quality, proven ingredient may not be effective when provided at an inadequate level. Metagenics products provide key ingredients at levels that are considered effective based on scientific research when taken at the dosage recommended on the label.
Targeted to major areas of clinical need, Karuna is deeply committed to the holistic medical practices of our integrative healing community. Karuna products reflect the commitment to providing you with herbal and nutritional supplements free of preservatives, excipients or other additives problematic for the allergic or sensitive patient. Karuna's search for natural ingredients extends across six continents to ensure the finest sources available to you and your customers. Tablets and capsules contain no added sugars, artificial flavorings or preservatives. Disintegration time for all tablets is QC verified at thirty minutes or less.
"Motivated by a vision of planetary wellness and universal prosperity in our lifetimes, NutriHarmony accepts responsibility for global leadership in delivery of proprietary products and unparalleled business opportunities that will enhance and transform peopleís lives. While nourishing the body to optimal health, we empower each individualís achievement of a balanced and fulfilling lifestyle through inspired personal commitment and service to others."
Please Contact us if you are interested in purchasing supplements from any of these providers. These providers carry high quality supplements only available under the supervision of nutrition professionals, such as those available at Nutrilligence.

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