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On your Personalized Nutrition Shopping Day, we will show you how, and where to shop for the freshest produce and highest quality fruit and vegetables that are available near you. We will teach you how to read Nutrition Facts labels and how to choose the most appropriate produce for your health needs. We will direct you to where you can find nutritious, whole, seasonal, local, and organic food. Your grocery bill will reflect the menus that we previously discussed and chose. This will allow you the wonderful flexibility to choose any types of dishes you enjoy while getting all the nutrients that your body needs.

10 REASONS why it is important to buy local and organic foods!

  1. Locally grown food tastes better. It's crisp, sweet and loaded with flavor. In a week-long (or more) delay from harvest to dinner table, sugars turn to starches, plant cells shrink, and produce loses its vitality.
  2. Local produce is better for you. A recent study showed that fresh produce loses nutrients quickly. Locally grown food, purchased soon after harvest, retains its nutrients.
  3. Local food preserves genetic diversity Local farms grow a huge number of varieties to provide a long season of harvest, an array of eye-catching colors, and the best flavors. Many varieties are heirlooms, passed down from generation to generation, because they taste good.
  4. Local food is usually GMO-free. Local farmers don't have access to genetically modified seed, and most of them wouldn't use it even if they could. If you are opposed to eating bioengineer food, you can rest assured that locally grown produce was bred the old-fashioned way, as nature intended.
  5. Local food supports local farm families. With fewer than 1 million Americans now claiming farming as their primary occupation, farmers are a vanishing breed.
  6. Local food builds community. When you buy direct from the farmer, you are re-establishing a time-honored connection between the eater and the grower. Relationships built on understanding and trust can thrive.
  7. Local food preserves open space. As the value of direct-marketed fruits and vegetables increases, selling farmland for development becomes less likely. When you buy locally grown food, you are doing something proactive about preserving the agricultural landscape.
  8. Local food keeps your taxes in check. On average, for every $1 in revenue raised by residential development, governments must spend $1.17 on services, thus requiring higher taxes of all taxpayers. For each dollar of revenue raised by farm, forest, or open space, governments spend 34 cents on services.
  9. Local food supports a clean environment and benefits wildlife. A well-managed family farm is a place where the resources of fertile soil and clean water are valued.
  10. Local food is about the future. By supporting local farmers today, you can help ensure that there will be farms with high quality foods in your community tomorrow.

Top 10 the most heavily chemically treated foods in the US!

  1. Apples
  2. Baby Foods
  3. Butter and milk
  4. Cantaloupe
  5. Cucumbers
  6. Grapes
  7. Green Beans
  8. Spinach
  9. Strawberries
  10. Winter Squash

A big reason to GO ORGANIC!


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