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Nutrition Consulting "1 on 1"

These days, many people feel they need an in-depth knowledge about nutrition, not only to help them slim down, but also to help them keep up with constant new scientific evidences that certain foods may cause or help prevent diseases. Every day, we are faced with news stories about nutrition – stories that are often conflicting and confusing. A certified nutritionist can help you makes sense of those stories and the food you eat. A nutritionist can give you practical advice that is based on the latest scientific evidence. You will get advice that is easy to follow and that fits your lifestyle. Lastly, the extra motivation and support provided by an expert will help you follow through and achieve your desired goals.

As your nutritionists, we are here to help you make long-term changes to your eating patterns and nutritional intake. As your nutrition coach and support team, we will develop nutrition programs that are based on your personal goals and lifestyle. We will address not only what you eat, but also how you eat and how that food affects your energy level, your weight, your metabolism and your general health. We will hold you accountable for making changes, but we will also provide you with strategies for overcoming obstacles.

After you achieve your goals we will continue to see you a few times a year to help you keep “on track” and to provide you with fresh nutrition ideas. As your nutritionists, we will look after your ongoing nutritional needs. By continuing to see us a few times a year we will help you through lapses they may occur, and help you not let them accumulate.

Nutrition Consultation Procedure

  1. Initial Pre-Assessment forms: client intake/profile forms sent to Nutrilligence (email, mail).
  2. Initial 1 hour In-Person Consultation: gathering additional information about your nutrition habits, ongoing medications and lifestyle.
  3. Your Personalized Program by Nutrilligence that includes:
    • A Nutrition Program that will include a “Meal Plan” that outlines portion sizes, appropriate food combinations and actual meal suggestions for breakfast, lunch, dinner and a couple of snacks.
    • Appropriate recommendation for high quality supplements and herbs
    • Healthy food preparation suggestions
    • Customized and simple to follow recipes for your personal needs
  4. Second 30 minute follow-up visit: usually one or two weeks after your initial consultation.
  5. Schedule two more 15-minutes visits to monitor your health progress and provide you additional fresh and organic nutrition ideas.

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