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We at Nutrilligence recommend meditation as one of the tools in achieving optimal health and a balanced lifestyle. We think that the inner body peace could be found through meditation practice, which is not something that can be understood with the mind, but must be experienced with the heart.

Meditation allows modern, busy, and stressful lifestyle activities to settle down, and it often results in the mind becoming more peaceful, calm and focused. In essence, meditation allows the awareness to become 'rejuvenated'.

Meditation is fast gaining recognition worldwide. According to the CBS news on Aug 27 2003 "More and more doctors recommend it. It's supposed to help depression, control pain, increase longevity, slow down cancers, invigorate the immune system, and significantly reduce the blood pressure”.

The Time Magazine even devoted an entire issue to Meditation on Aug 4 2003 and credited it as a solution to a range of illnesses from skin conditions, stress, and chronic heart disease to AIDS and infertility. It even reported that "meditation can sometimes be used to replace Viagra".

Relaxation, increased awareness, mental focus and clarity, and a sense of peace are the most common by-products of meditation.

There are 100's of styles, traditions and forms of meditation. One of the traditional techniques of meditation involves concentrating on something that will take our attention away from the mental activity that is usually going on in our minds. This can involve a solid object or picture, a mantra, breath, or a guided visualization.

  • Candle flame or flower
  • Pictures (mandala – a highly colored symmetric painting)
  • Breath as a focal point
  • Guided visualization


  • Letting your mind to be alert and attentive
  • Letting your mind to be calm, concentrated without a strain and focused
  • Increased awareness of the world around you
  • Being in the moment - not worrying about the past or future
  • Pleasant
  • A process more than a goal...a beautiful, inspiring journey rather than just a destination


  • Falling asleep
  • Going into a trance
  • Shutting yourself off from reality
  • Becoming lost in a thought and/or forgetting who and where you are

Recommended guidelines for meditation

  • It should be done every day, preferably at the same time.
  • It should preferably be done before a meal rather than after a meal.
  • A spot should be set aside for meditation, which should be a quiet place and used for nothing but meditation.
  • One should sit with the spine straight and vertical (a chair is ok to use).
  • Start with 10-15 minutes practice twice every day and slowly build up to 20-25 minutes.


  • Decreased stress, tension, depression, anxiety - more balanced emotions.
  • Strengthened immune system and improved health.
  • Sense of identity and connection; improved confidence and concentration.
  • Peace of mind, optimism and self-worth.
  • A sense of a greater spiritual connection.

So, if you want to feel fitter, more energetic, happier and peaceful start practicing Yoga NOW!


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